Friends of Quiet Waters Park

Our Strategic Plan


Our Mission: 

Providing outreach and stewardship to the community, striving for sustainability, improving park resources, and building partnerships and opportunities.

Our Vision:  

Offer a road map to focus the energy and resources of the FQWP to protect and enhance Quiet Waters Park for current and future generations.

Our Guiding Principles:

1.  Transparency and Inclusiveness (Networking, Communication, Accountability)

2.  Continual Improvement of Communication and Outreach

3.  Assistance and Support for the Park (resources and people)

4.  Celebrate Volunteers

Our Strategic Goals

1. Ensure that Quiet Waters Park is a quality nature and arts destination;

2. Ensure that Park resources are protected and restored for current and future generations;

3.  Develop a robust volunteer and membership program to support events and activities to enhance essential park experiences.


Our Strategic Plan Objectives (2013-2017)

Our Short-Term Objectives (2013-2014)

I.  By 2014, there is a 20% of increase of park visitors for art and music events.

II. New Committees are formed to support FQWP needs and functions; Committees are well staffed

III.  Environmentally-focused experiences are made visible for park visitors to engage in the natural environment and learn about sustainable practices, both outdoors and indoors.


Our Mid-Term Objectives: (2013-2015)

I.  Increase the number of volunteers supporting FQWP sponsored activities at the Park by 20%.  

II. By 2015, 500 students and adults will participate in Quiet Waters interpretive programs annually.

III.  The FQWP will have at least 600 members.


Our Long-Term Objectives: (2013-2017)

I.  FQWP partners with Park Staff and other groups to maintain and improve natural habitats and outdoor art structures within the Park.  

II. By 2016, 30 volunteers will annually assist rangers in a range of resource stewardship activities.

III.  By 2016, external sponsors will provide $20,000 in new financial resources to support park and the FQWP will successfully acquire 2 funding awards to support its activities.