Art Mission Statement

The Fine Arts Committee works to promote the cultural, social, and economic importance of the arts to the community at large.  By making art accessible to everyone, our community is strengthened by fostering freedom of expression, creativity, and the celebration of life through art.

We are inclusive, open, and embrace diverse ideas and art forms.  By bringing together artists, patrons, and citizens in the setting of Quiet Waters Park, we are able to provide a solid foundation for a flourishing and healthy arts community. We believe a legacy of art is critical for future generations, and we pride ourselves by being an enthusiastic and engaging organization that operates on the highest level of excellence.

  • Communicate and coordinate with rangers, staff, and the Board of the Friends of Quiet Waters Park, the overall work objectives of the committee
  • Contribute to the strategic sessions for the Park by participation on the Board
  • Review, select, organize, and install public exhibitions of art in the Galleries of Quiet Waters Park
  • Provide a yearly calendar of upcoming events distributed to Park officials and Friends of Quiet Waters Park
  • Seek to acquire additional funding for the Park through donations, grants, sponsorships, funds raised from gallery fees and sales, and all other appropriate fundraising means and opportunities
  • Facilitate coordination with staff and rangers, the organization of the Annual Fine Arts Festival
  • Provide support to the Sculpture Committee
  • Count, categorize, and enter into the registers any funds taken in from exhibits and Fine Arts Festival
  • Provide a single point-of-contact for anything related to art and cultural activity held at the Park
  • Maintain membership in the  Annapolis Galleries Association to keep them informed of events at the Galleries of Quiet Waters Park

2021 Art Committee Members

  • Chair – At Ford
  • Secretary – Ottilie Habercam
  • Publicity – Marietta Schreiber
  • Applications/Review Chair – Gail Olmstead (
  • Arts Contracts Chair – Jane Lunney
  • Exhibitions Chair – At Ford
  • Exhibitions Liaison/Outreach – At Ford
  • Installations – David Diaz, Marietta Schreiber, Jenny Gruver
  • Receptions Chair, Paulette Schwallenberg, Janette Hiesener
  • Sales Chair – Carol Keyser
  • Technical Expert – Juliana Vail
  • Art and Music Festival – Gail Olmstead, Jenny Gruver, Ottilie Habercam
  • Member-At-Large – Lynn Goff
  • Honorary Chair – Dinah Little
  • Park Liaison – Ranger Liz Schilder