Educational Volunteer Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Environmental education is a top priority here at Quiet Waters Park. Rangers and volunteers work together to provide outdoor, educational opportunities so that community members have a place to learn about Maryland’s biodiversity and the importance of protecting the Park’s natural environment. The Park needs volunteers to assist in all aspects of outdoor programming to facilitate bridging the gap between people and nature.

ALL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING: Educational outreach volunteers will be involved in the planning and development of programs. Responsibilities will depend on skills and interest, but in general will include the following:

  • Completion of a two hour, formal training session
  • Assistance with creating, piloting, and evaluating a single topic environmental education program
  • Submitting planned lesson activities and/or discussion points a week prior to program event
  • Developing hands-on activities for children
  • Planning and leading nature hikes
  • Open communication with Volunteer Coordinator

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to interact effectively with a variety of different people
  • Interest in direct contact with nature and enthusiasm for the outdoors is necessary
  • Physical ability to lead nature hike and walks through park grounds
  • Basic computer skills: Email, Microsoft Word

Time Commitment:

The time commitment will depend on how long and how often the program will be offered. All that is required is that a set schedule be determined at least one month prior to the start of the event.

Benefits of Volunteering with Environmental Education Program at Quiet Waters Park:

  • Learn more about the environment and the Park by working with knowledgeable and experienced rangers and staff members
  • It’s an opportunity to impact young minds and inspire a strong environmental conscience
  • Spend quality time outdoors
  • Have flexibility in your volunteer schedule
  • Most of all, to have fun!

The following is a list of educational programs that need volunteer assistance:

  1. Interpretive Nature Programs
  2. Composting Demonstrations
  3. Oyster Nurseries
  4. Eastern Box Turtle Study & Herpetology Survey
  5. Reading and Butterfly Garden
  6. Stormwater Education Project (stay tuned for details)

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