Sculpture Committee Mission

Sculpture Committee Mission

The Sculpture Committee of the Friends of Quiet Waters Park serves under the auspices of the Board of the Friends of Quiet Waters Park.

From the early days of Quiet Waters, the presence of outdoor sculpture* has been considered integral to the park experience.   This Committee is responsible for helping to further this dimension of the park experience by curating sculpture in the park.  This involves selecting, presenting, and helping maintain sculptures throughout the park, as well as providing information about these sculptures for the public.

Sculptures have distinct characteristics that require special consideration – weight and volume, liability and safety considerations, ADA accessibility, exposure to the elements, placement context and artistic merit.  The Committee is responsible for taking all of these elements into consideration. Park staff is responsible for on-going maintenance and assistance with installations and the committee works in close collaboration with the park staff in all of the associated processes.    

* Sculpture is defined as an artistic form in which hard or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. The designs may be embodied in freestanding objects, in reliefs on surfaces, or in environments ranging from tableaux to contexts that envelop the spectator. 


  • Developing and managing temporary Sculpture Exhibits.
  • Arranging for loans and acquisitions, determining criteria for selection and loan or ownership terms, as well as negotiating, preparing and enforcing contracts and overseeing logistics of installation.
  • Exploring grant opportunities and submitting applications.


  • Establishing and maintaining:  display, installation, insurance, maintenance and removal of sculptures.
  • Overseeing the rotation of sculptures – arranging for accession of new sculptures, managing temporary exhibits, and determining and assisting with logistics of siting sculptures.  
  • Deaccessioning sculptures that are damaged or no longer considered appropriate for the park; and negotiating their return to the artist or other disposal.
  • Maintaining communication with other sculpture and nature parks regarding new methods of presentation, creative ideas for public information, and best practices regarding publicly displayed sculptures.  
  • Organizing events to introduce sculptures and their creators to the public.

Helping Maintain 

  • Periodically reviewing existing sculptures and maintaining bases and plaques in good condition – this may include designing new plaques and paying for their production and installation. 
  • Maintaining information and accessible files about the status of sculptures – histories, background information on sculptors, current condition.

Providing Public Information

  • Informing the public about the sculptures to develop appreciation and interest in the sculptures through the website, newsletter and other articles and special events.
  • Developing methods for the public to learn more about the sculptures through plaques,  maps, tours, including providing background information, photos and histories of the sculptures and their creators. 
  • Promoting the work of sculpture artists, particularly local and regional sculptors. 


In addition, the Sculpture Committee develops and manages budgets for any of the above activities scheduled within each year.  

The Sculpture Committee is a free-standing committee with a representative from the Environmental Committee, in addition to other members with interest and expertise in these activities.

For info and inquiries, please email