2024 Fairy House Festival Comes to a Close

Anticipation is everything.  And perhaps the best part of this event for those of us who had some small part in launching it was the sight of a family with kids drawn to the promise of the Fairy House Trail (aka Holly Pavilion Trail) and just about to enter, a sight repeated day after day, hour after hour throughout the month of May.  We knew what awaited them: The fanciful signs beckoning entrance, then the discovery one by one of seventy-one inspired Fairy Houses placed perfectly by their creators among the trees along the long, winding path under a fluttering canopy of leaves.  

The wee houses were often hard to find and in surprising places, some up, some down, charmingly unique, the work of some astonishingly creative fairy minds.  They made the month of May magical for all those who have walked the Fairy House Trail, and we very sincerely thank them all. The enchantment made us sorry this fairy tale had to end. . . but maybe, just maybe, next year . . . .

More on the Festival, including photos of the Fairy Houses and a photo essay by the Capital-Gazette can be found at the Sculpture Committee website https://fqwp.org/fairy-house-festival-2024/  This event was made possible in large part due to the Friends of Quiet Waters Park and the wonderful members who support us. The Friends financial resources for events like this come from member donations and we encourage anyone who loves the Park to join. Please use the Membership and/or Donate links.

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